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Battlefield Howitzer Sound Effects


140 Sounds | 0.373 Gb | 96kHz/24-bit

Authentic howitzer clips from three types of military field pieces including a 25-pounder & M101.

Over a half decade in the making, the Battlefield Howitzer Sound Effects Bundle features authentic M101 C1 and C3 military howitzers and an Ordnance QF 25-pounder artillery piece.

The collection features 70 individual battlefield-style shots captured at medium and far distances. Each is diligently labelled by model, perspective, and performance.

Bonus Sound Effects

The original howitzers shots have a sharp, forceful attack paired with a rolling boom. For those that like their artillery with a bit less punch, the package includes a version of the 70 single shots treated to convey a softer attack.

Key Features

  • 140 sound clips (track list).
  • 96 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files (with some 6-channel surround sound recordings).
  • 373 megabytes.
  • Top quality clips: professionally recorded, expertly mastered, and lovingly curated.
  • Quick access: instant, secure download.
  • Smooth workflow: extensive descriptive embedded metadata in multiple formats helps find sounds fast.

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