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Transmission/Interference Sound Effects


529 Sounds | 2.4 Gb | 96kHz/24-bit

Almost 530 and 1 GB of sound design communication, signal, and interference tones & accents.

The Transmission/Interference sound effects library features over 500 sound design communication tones and accents. It features buzzing, humming, and staticky signal tones. It includes erratic communication errors and broadcast interruptions. Use them to augment your terrestrial TV, phone, or radio messages. Stylize them into your interstellar relays, sci-fi beacons, and subspace starship communiques.

The collection features three families of textures: buzz and hums, noise and crackles, and a blend of both. Each is split into loopable drones and tones and shorter accents and stabs.

Key Features

  • 529 sound clips (track list).
  • 96 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 2.4 gigabytes.
  • Top quality clips: professionally recorded, expertly mastered, and lovingly curated.
  • Quick access: instant, secure download.
  • Smooth workflow: extensive descriptive embedded metadata in multiple formats helps find sounds fast.

Learn more about this collection in the sound library announcement blog post.

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